Foundation Repair for Cracks in Your Home

Cracks can occur throughout a home for various reasons. Besides being unsightly, cracks can be a warning of a more serious foundation problem, and for this reason should not be ignored. Depending on the cause and type of crack, there are various repair options to consider.

1. Concrete Cracks

Cracks can commonly occur in concrete floors and slabs. Typically these cracks are a result of one of the following causes:

Moisture Shifts: Shifts from very wet to very dry weather can have detrimental effects on concrete. When water evaporates, it can leave cracks behind in its stead.

Temperature Extremes: Concrete loses its strength when exposed to cold temperatures. Additionally, extreme hot temperatures can cause accelerated setting, sometimes causing cracks. Especially when concrete is first laid and is in the process of solidifying, it is susceptible to the effects of extreme temperatures.

Adverse conditions result in two main types of cracks found in concrete:

Hairline Cracks: Hairline cracks are generally less than half of an inch think. They can occur during the curing process. When water evaporates, this can often result in hairline cracks.

Large Recurring Cracks: Large or wide cracks that are greater than a half inch in width can be a sign of a more serious foundation problem.

Crack repair solutions for concrete include:


Concrete cracks can be avoided with proper construction techniques and with preparatory weathering measures. So be sure to ask about these types of services if cracking continues or when getting new concrete installed.

2.  Foundation Wall Cracks


Causes of cracks:

Cracks in a home’s walls can be the result of water pressure, external pressure on a home’s foundation – such as from trees or plant over-growth – or a poorly built foundational structure. Depending on the cause, the solution to wall cracks can range from relatively simple to fairly expensive and complicated.

Types of cracks:

There are essentially two types of cracks that can occur in foundation walls. In some situations, cracks can be easily repaired with paint or injections. However, in other cases, cracks can be a sign of a more serious problem with a home’s foundation. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to distinguish one kind from another, as they look mostly identical to one another. But some hints of a more serious situation include growth in the size and number of cracks over time.

Wall crack repair solutions for simple cracks include:

Repair solutions for more serious cracks include:


No matter what type of crack you are noticing in your home, it should not be ignored as merely an aesthetic problem. Monitor cracks in your home carefully, and consider seeking an opinion from a professional before problems progress.

MDTI is happy to discuss your options with you and provide a free estimate on repairs. Call us at 877-765-8391 for more information.

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