Professional Solutions for Foundation Problems

Damage to your foundation can be a very serious issue, as it will affect the structure throughout the rest of your home. Even the most dedicated DIY-er would be advised to seek professional assistance in correcting damage to the home’s foundation and determining an adequate foundation repair solution. This is wise not only for your own safety and the long-term strength of the foundation, but also to ensure that you pass inspection regulations.

At MDTI, we will be glad to connect you with a professional foundation contractor. They can evaluate the situation of your home and provide you with the most economical foundation repair solutions.

Foundation Repair Solutions

• Fixing a foundation crack: It is important to first determine the severity of any crack in your foundation so you can choose the most appropriate method of repair. Whether you should use helical piers, tiebacks, or carbon fiber repair depends completely on the severity of the crack and the danger it poses to the rest of your home. If damage is minor, cracks are able to be sealed from either the interior or exterior of the foundation. Both foundation repair solutions are incredibly effective. It is more common to seal the cracks from the interior if there is a patio obstructing the exterior or your basement is unfinished. However, if there is drywall or another interior obstruction such as a furnace or other unit, the preferred location of sealing is from the exterior.

• Waterproofing: It is necessary to waterproof a crack after repairing it. Water will cause recurring damage if not addressed and can worsen a situation in a very short amount of time.

• Raising a sinking foundation: If your foundation is sinking, this is most likely due to instabilities in the soil. Either from water seepage or erosion, the weight of the foundation is causing it to sink.. A sinking foundation can lead to even more extensive foundation damage including foundation cracks, jammed doors and windows, sloping chimneys and ultimately a complete failure of the foundation. This is a problem that requires immediate assistance and if left untreated, will only continue to worsen. Helical piers are an excellent foundation repair solution for raising and stabilizing foundations.

Pricing for Foundation Repair Solutions

MDTI’s certified installers offer a variety of foundation repair solutions to meet every possible foundation need. The cost of each solution depends upon the procedure used and the extent of damage caused by the foundational issue. To best serve you, we have a comparison chart of our available solutions so that you can look at the prices and possible methods of repair.

Solutions Options Price Factors to Consider Used For
Piering, piling, and underpinning Helical or Screw,ResistancePipe or Push $$$ 1. Soil type2. Load capacity3. Accessibility Vertical Foundation Stabilization
Tiebacks and wall anchors Helical or Screw,Tendons,Plate and Rod Deadman $$$ 1. Do you want a quick fix or lasting solution?2. Required Maintenance3. Soil type4. Load capacity

5. Accessibility

Horizontal Wall Stabilization
Crack Repair Epoxy,Urethane,Carbon Fiber $ 1. Problem type: Structural or Water2. Different products can plug incoming water or air. However, if there is an underlying foundation problem, the crack repair will not last. Both horizontal and vertical concrete cracks. Can be used for structural reinforcement and/or incoming water.
Waterproofing Rock and Pipe,Baseboard,Gravity,Multi-Flow,


$$ 1. Ability to relieve Hydrostatic Pressure2. In-Flow Rate (how fast water will drain out of your home)3. Required Maintenance4. What is the likelihood of the system clogging?

5. Is the system installed so it sits in the lowest point? (Near or below the footing)

Drainage System to direct the flow of ground water to outside and away from your home’s foundation.

Discover a Local Foundation Repair Specialist Near You

  • Kansas City Master Companies Inc: With nearly 30 years of experience serving clients in Kansas and Missouri, this company focuses on providing solutions that are durable and long-lasting.
  • Foundation Mechanics: This company is based in Chicago and is a licensed mason contractor interested in developing long-lasting relationships with customers.
  • 3D Structural: Based in Indiana, this company serves the northern Indiana and southern Michigan area and uses only the best materials and services.
  • Helitech: The team at Helitech has been serving Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, and Indiana for more than 25 years.
  • Davis Concrete Correctors in IndianaLocated in Gary, Indiana, Davis Concrete Correctors is a local family-owned business with many happy customers.
  • Davis Concrete CorrectorsWith office locations in Spring Valley, Naperville, and Joliet, Illinois, Davis Concrete Correctors offers a rage of waterproofing services.


Call MDTI at 877-765-8391 or find a foundation repair specialist near you for your free foundation repair solution quote. MDTI has the most efficient and reliable solution for any and all foundation problems.

Client Testimonials

“Having your home’s foundation repaired is very stressful. Thanks to the wonderful crew of the MDTI contractor, my stress level lowered knowing and seeing how professional, skilled, respectful and caring they were to me and my home. I am very appreciative of what they accomplished.”

“I am pleased with the results of the work. As a consulting engineer, I appreciated that the crew was professional and organized. They were knowledgeable and experienced at this type of work. The use of lasers was important.”

“The phone experience with MDTI was excellent. They set me up with a delightful and professional salesperson. Workers of the MDTI Installer were very polite, well-mannered and made sure the doors worked perfect. Even clean-up was great.”

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