Signs of a Problem with Your Foundation

Are you having problems with the foundation of your home? MDTI encourages homeowners to be aware of the common signs of a weak foundation and seek assistance immediately if any of these problems arise in their own home. Typical characteristics include:

  • Stair-step cracking – stair-step patterned cracks appearing within blocked foundation or bricks
  • Sticking doors and windows – problematic when the doors and windows do not open properly. This is indicative of cracks surrounding the frames.
  • Interior cracking – signifies a weak foundation and can lead to water leaks
  • Chimney separation – potentially dangerous situation in which a crack forms between the chimney and the house

Common Foundation Problems

The most common problems with foundations are cracks, foundation leaks, sinking foundations, and bowing walls.

Foundation Cracks:

Generally, foundation cracks are caused by expanded water-saturated soil around a house pushing against the foundation over time. When the soil becomes dry, it shrinks; leaving gaps between the foundation and surrounding soil, and your basement walls are vulnerable and unsupported. Cracks larger than 1/16 inch should be repaired immediately, especially if water is able to get through.

Sinking Foundations:

Sinking foundations occur when the layers of soil beneath a home are unable to support the structure. This could be due to unfavorable ground conditions, or most often times, the continual shrink-swell cycle when the soil absorbs water and expands, then dries up and shrinks. If your home is gradually leaning to one side, it might be lacking support from the ground.

Bowing Walls:

Bowing walls – a result of severe hydrostatic pressure – can easily be identified by horizontal cracks that span the entire length of the wall and are often located in the upper or middle portion of the fixture. Leaning walls are more difficult to spot because they typically bend from the highest portion of the wall, where they may go unseen.

Professional Repairs for Foundation Problems

Although many online sources provide insight on how to fix these problems on your own, the DIY method is not recommended. Foundation cracks and shifts are serious problems that demand expert precision and experience. Repairing a damaged foundation can be both time-consuming and costly if attempted alone. Many look to DIY projects as a way to save money; however, the professionals at MDTI will complete the task more efficiently and permanently, saving you money in the long run while protecting your investment.

It is important to seek professional assistance to ensure your safety and that your home passes inspection regulations. MDTI will equip you with a professional foundation contractor, who will assess the situation and provide the best possible solution for your home and budget.

MDTI for Foundation Repairs

MDTI foundation repair solutions include:

  • Piers
  • Tiebacks
  • Tendons
  • Crack repair
  • Waterproofing

Our team of skilled professionals offers the right solution to fit your foundation repair needs. Pricing varies by procedure and the magnitude of the foundational issue. In order to best serve your needs, we recommend asking your contractor for the following information:

  • Pricing
  • Location
  • Lead time
  • Customer Satisfaction

Previous and returning clients of MDTI have been consistently pleased with our professional, effective services, along with the expertise of the staff. It is MDTI’s goal to serve every customer and provide the highest level of foundation repair service. Karen T. of Topeka Kansas told a customer service representative:

The foreman was very clear in explaining what he would be doing. I have been satisfied with your work in the past and I continue to be satisfied by the total effort of the company.

Visit our Testimonials page to read other customers’ reviews of MDTI.

If you are experiencing problems with your foundation, call us today at 877-765-8391, or fill out our “Contact Us” form. Although a foundation problem can be a difficult circumstance, MDTI provides the best and most reliable solutions for homeowners with foundation issues.

Client Testimonials

“Having your home’s foundation repaired is very stressful. Thanks to your wonderful crew, my stress level lowered knowing and seeing how professional, skilled, respectful and caring they were to me and my home. I am very appreciative of what they accomplished.”

“I am pleased with the results of the work. As a consulting engineer, I appreciated that the crew was professional and organized. They were knowledgeable and experienced at this type of work. The use of lasers was important.”

“Phone/appointment experience excellent. Delightful and professional salesperson. Workers were very polite, well-mannered and made sure the doors worked perfect. Even clean-up was great.”

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