Geostructural Solutions

Equipment Rental

MDTI has feed systems, rock drills, and grout plants available for rent to our certified contractor network.

Lunch & Learns for PDH’s

Lunch and Learn courses are available upon request. The one-hour course is held at the location of your choice and provides you with the techniques and know-how to ensure your team gains proper knowledge and understanding of the MDTI Product Line, including micropiles, earth shoring, helical piles and anchors, and more. Professional Development Hour certificates are available upon completion of the course.

Installation Training

MDTI does more than sell and ship you the equipment and product you need; we are a smart, reliable asset to ensure quality assurance and effective project management. After purchasing your necessary equipment and products, MDTI will provide engineering guidance, field supervision, training and support for installation and usage on-site. We will ensure proper training has been suggested for all projects and products that need it.


In addition to materials and service, MDTI will provide continual support through the entire project, including engineering/design, on-site support, load testing, installation expertise, competitive pricing, and rental equipment.

Support for Contractors & Engineers

  • Engineering/Design

    MDTI provides value engineering to our customers. Our full-time Engineering staff allows us to overcome common design challenges within the industry. MDTI brings design theory to practical field application by using computer assisted design capability through interactive software programs.

  • On-Site Support

    MDTI provides a competitive edge to our customers by offering superior on-site support throughout the entire project. Our licensed engineering staff at MDTI is an extension to our customers and are just a phone call or short drive away.

  • Load Testing

    We offer professional calculations as needed to increase comfort level between the contractor and Engineer of Record on project. By utilizing our product knowledge, MDTI can assist in building a relationship with our customers and the engineering community.

  • Installation Expertise

    MDTI provides continuous training for our dealers on the latest product improvements and installation techniques.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our trained and certified engineers will help you choose the best product to complete your job at a price that fits your budget. Each job is different from the ground on which you are building to the size of the project itself, which is why we aren’t a one-size fits all organization.

  • Rental Equipment

    MDTI offers installation equipment and accessories for a variety of our product lines, including Magnacore Anchors, Atlas Copco Micropiles, grout plants, and helical systems. All are available for purchase or rental.

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