Feed Systems

MDTI offers feed systems available for purchase or rent to support our Magnacore and Atlas Copco product lines.

MDTI offers electric and hydraulic limited access micropile drill rigs that are capable of installing micropiles up 10-inches in diameter in the most difficult areas. The rubber tracks can contract to 35-inches to pass through a standard doorway.  The front drill mast section pivots 180-degrees from left to right. The ability of the MDTI’s feed systems to maneuver into tight places make them an ideal machine for seismic retrofits, foundation repair, dam rehabilitation and ground consolidation.

  • Low Overhead
  • 12,000 lbs. of Mast Pullback
  • 180 Degree arc positioning of the mast
  • Drill Controls Move with the Mast
  • Includes shipping/transportation skid
  • Optional Single or Double Clamps

TD75 Feed System

Supply Pressure2500 PSI
Electric Motor50 HP
Hydraulic Tank30 Gallon
Power Input3-Phase 480 Volt / 60 Hertz
Generator Required85 KW
Weight5,700 Lbs


MDTI does more than sell and ship you the product and equipment you need; we are a smart, reliable asset to ensure quality assurance and effective project management.

After purchasing your necessary products, MDTI will provide continual support through the entire project, including equipment, engineering guidance, load testing, installation expertise, competitive pricing, rental equipment, field supervision, alongside training and support for installation and usage on-site. We will ensure proper training has been suggested for all projects and products that need it.

Our trained and certified engineers will help you choose the best product to complete your job at a price that fits your budget. Each job is different from the ground on which you are building to the size of the project itself, which is why we aren’t a one-size fits all organization.

This added service is all part of the MDTI experience. When you purchase with MDTI, you are also acquiring a partner.